Introverts - Thomas Comerford. Digital/Vinyl. 2021. Order digital/vinyl at Bandcamp!

Spacesuit Records, ssr 010. Recorded and mixed by Robbie Hamilton at Skye Sound/Strange Magic, 2015-2020. 

Blood Moon - Thomas Comerford. Digital/Vinyl. 2018. Order digital/vinyl/cd at Bandcamp!

Spacesuit Records, ssr 008. Recorded and Mixed by Patrick Pritchett and Curtis Ruptash at the Wayback Machine, 2015-18.  

Last Ghosts - Kaspar Hauser. Digital/CD. 2016. Order digital/cd at Bandcamp!

Spacesuit Records, ssr 007. Made by Kaspar Hauser with Chris Kralik, 2012. Mixed by Kris Poulin, 2015.

II - Thomas Comerford. Digital/Vinyl/Cassette. 2014. Order digital/vinyl/cassette at Bandcamp!

Strange Weather,SW 004. Recorded by Robbie Hamilton at Pieholden Suite Sound, 2012-13. Mixed by Matt Dewine at Pieholden Suite Sound, 2013-14.

Tracklisting: Eternal Return; Done and Done; How To; Target; Chrysalis; Nashville; Silt and Dust; Prefer Not To.

Archive + Spiral - Thomas Comerford. CD. 2011. $12. Limited edition in silkscreened gatefold package by Spudnik Press.

Spacesuit Records, ssr 005. Recorded by Seth Vanek and Justin Petertil, 2010-11. Mixed by Jeremy Lemos, Chris Connelly and Neil Strauch at Engine Studios, 2011.

Tracklisting: Robert Bresson; Dear Stephen Hauser; Sunday Morning; Joseph Cornell; Gravity; Drinkingsong; Sugar Baby; Moonshiner.


The Sons - Kaspar Hauser. CD. 2009. $8.

Spacesuit Records, ssr 004. Produced by Kaspar Hauser and Kris Poulin. Recorded by Kris Poulin, 2008. Mixed by Kris Poulin at Clava/4 Deuces, 2008.

Tracklisting: Not of This World; Mark of Cain; MacBeth II (In the Morning); Frontier; See My Friends; Baby Vampire; Diamonds; Prodigal Son; Time Machine.


Quixotic/Taxidermy - Kaspar Hauser. CD. 2007. $10. Limited edition in silkscreened gatefold package!

Backwardmasking Records, bckwrdmskng 11. Produced by Jonathan Durlam and Thomas Comerford. Recorded by Kris Poulin at the Lab East, Scott Adamson at Semaphore and Jonathan Durlam, 2004-6. Mixed by Kris Poulin at Semaphore, 2006. Sleeve printed by Screwball Press.

Tracklisting: FOSSIL; King Pop; Glass Case Full of Dead, Stuffed Birds; Mercenary; Holocaust; Mercury; Without a Word; Roar or R.I.P.; Crackdown; Pilgrim.


The Tin Can Gong CD. 2002. $5.

Spacesuit Records, ssr 002. Recorded and mixed by Kris Poulin at The Lab East in 2001.

Tracklisting: Blank Slate; Positively; Minor League; Elegy; Ballad of a Jester; Immune; Babel; Glazed; Storms/Windows' Drops of Rain.

 The Tin Can Gong - Kaspar Hauser

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