Hello, I'm Thomas Comerford, songwriter, singer, guitarist, filmmaker in Chicago, IL.

In January, I started writing some songs on my electric guitar, which I haven't done in some time. They were more rock 'n' roll and riff-oriented than the songs I've been writing for my singer-songwriter "thing," so I decided to form a new band to play these new songs. The band is called Glimmerwire and features bass guitarist Matthew Cummings and drummer Erik Sowa. You can read more about the project here, and you can preview clips from a few songs recorded at practice here. We played our first show on Saturday March 16 at Illuminated Brew Works Taproom!

Upcoming Shows:

6/15/24 - Super Creeps + Another VU, Montrose Saloon, 2933 W Montrose Ave, Chicago, 8pm, 21+, $10. We again will warm up the stage for Skid Marks' Bowie tribute group, Super Creeps!

7/13/24 - Jefferson Park Forward Community Stage, JeffFest, Thomas Comerford Band, 830pm, $donation. More details to come!

Recent News:

A 7" record "Spell of Protection" b/w "Those Who Fear Tomorrow" (feat. Mar Caribe) released on 4/28/23! I tracked this in 2022 collaborating on the arrangements with Tom McGettrick and Mar Caribe. Nick Broste recorded it at Electrical Audio. There will only be 100 of these with 3-color silkscreen sleeve by Colin Palombi -- you can preview "Spell" and order now!

Introverts, my fourth solo LP, was issued in June 2021. You can order the vinyl LP through bandcamp. It is in stock at these Chicago-area record stores. You also can stream it on just about every streaming service.

Press for Introverts:

4/5 Stars, "“Introverts is the stunning 4th album from the Chicago-based Thomas Comerford … Musically akin to pre-Yankee Hotel Foxtrot Wilco … Introverts is without a doubt a ‘go back to’ LP.” -- Louis Wigget, Shindig! Magazine

"Comerford straddles the singer-songwriter era of the 1970s and the dusty, deadpan observations of psychedelic iconoclasts such as Bill Callahan ... These beguiling country songs leave their doors open for you to poke around and find hidden interpretations that are inevitably right." -- Mark Guarino, Chicago Reader

"The vividness of Comerford’s words establish him as an uncommonly astute exponent of the singer-songwriter tradition. Adding to this is distinctive inflection that at times recalls Bill Callahan and David Berman." -- Joseph Neff, Vinyl District

"... eight very well thought out tunes that are likely to remind you of Willie Nelson, Lou Reed, Joe Strummer, or Tom Waits." --Tom Haugen, Daily Vault

"I want to say this feels like the ’60s invading the ’80s indie scene by way of ’70s singer-songwriters, but that duet with Azita Youssefi on “Partners” is such a perfectly timeless update of the Nancy Sinatra/Lee Hazelwood dynamic, I’m just at a loss for words." -- Nick Spacek, Cinepunx

Big Takeover premiered the video for "Three Sisters" on 4/5/21. Animation by Dave Merson Hess.

Chicago Reader profile, 5//26/20.

Quarantine Singles: